Marianna Jaszczuk photographer & visual artist

I have always been a lover of natural light and this is the resource that I like to explore the most. The sunlight, the moonlight, the shadows that objects produce when they limit the access of light to somewhere, the reflections of light on shiny surfaces, optical illusions... all this fascinates me and I imagine that this is why I fell in love with photography. Nature inspires me in all its shapes and colors. I am also passionate about humans, I love listening to others and sharing experiences. I love adventures, discovering the world, hugging trees... I always expect the unexpected and I am always opened to explore. 

Photography is my preferred form of expression, but I also use other paths and practices. I like writing, painting, making collages. I also like thinking, finding answers and resolving problems. 

I mostly shot portraits, portrait-based stories and campaigns, landscapes

and nature. I work both with brands and private clients, creating visual content, working in art related and creative projects, developing ideas and teaching. I really enjoy working with conscious, respectful and collaborative people.


You are invited to share your thoughts with me and tell me what you would like to create together and we will reflect the essence of your project or make beautiful things for your private collection. Any other kind of creative collaboration or conversation is also welcomed. My work is available for licensing and prints.


I am based in Spain and excited about making art worldwide. 

I am fluent in Spanish, English and Polish. Feel free to contact me in any of these languages, I am always happy to hear from you!